Walked-up grouse shooting over pointers commences in September. After a recent downturn in numbers of birds, the estate’s grouse moor has returned to productivity. In 2009, over 16 brace were shot over a four-day period by 2 guns going out 3 hours a day. The most prolific areas are the moorlands along Loch Seaforth and Loch Langavat.
Grouse shooting is available to tenants of the Lodge at a price of £600 per day.

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Woodcock shooting, both driven and over pointers, is available from November onwards. In recent years, as many as 80 woodcock are shot each season. Driven shooting takes place in the forest and can offer some of the most exciting and challenging sport available. The woodcock are wholly wild birds that migrate to Lewis and Harris in the winter months to enjoy its comparatively warm climate. Each bird often only remains on the island for a few weeks a year. Two day shooting weekends are standard. Typical bags are 10 to 30 birds a day, depending on the skill of the

guns and the weather.
Driven woodcock shooting is available to tenants of the Lodge at a price of
£600 per gun per day for parties of 5 to 6 guns. The season is mid November to end of January. Walked up woodcock shooting is available for parties of 3 guns and costs £600.


Depending on numbers, snipe shooting may be available from late September onwards. Snipe will generally be found by streams, ponds and similar wet areas scattered throughout the moorland.


Duck shooting on our several flight ponds can be exciting in the evening with good winds. Occasionally early in the season geese fly over as well.